27 Mar

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How to Keep a Pet Safe in the House

Dogs will most likely get into some form of an accident sooner or later. They might even destroy furniture and try to run away. You need to know of ways to make it impossible for this to happen. It is important to pet-proof the house.

You can use some of the gates meant to confine them to one area. This will help prevent them from running away. This will keep others safe, and the dog as well since it wont run into traffic at the slightest chance.

Keep electrical cords bundled up. A dog could have a fatal accident when they attempt playing with them. Bundling keeps them away from them, and when lifted up, they stay out of their reach.

Dogs will try and chew anything they can. They might end up chewing some decorative items that are poisonous or a choking hazard to them. Ensure they cannot reach them. They will try and jump through any low-level window. You need to ensure any time you are not present that those are closed.

You need to prevent the spread of fleas on them. They will suffer otherwise, from all the scratching and biting. Fleas are also a great source of shame hygienically speaking, and could harm your health as well. By getting them PetAction pet flea pill, you can solve this problem.
Keep them away from your garbage bins. When they go through trash, they might eat something they are not supposed to. House training them entails having to deal with their messes all over the house. You need to be prepared with enough cleaning products to take care of any messes they make.

They shall also go into any open closets. You will find most of your clothes and shoes torn. It is only by locking up the clothes and shoes that you can be sure of no losses.

They should also not have access to the bathroom, since it is dangerous for them. A dog can die when it takes in bleach, shampoo or body wash. The bathroom door thus needs always to be kept closed, or at the very least, keep the lid closed, so that they do not drink that water. Keep all your medicines in the proper cabinet. All the cosmetics, medications, and toothpaste need to go in there.

You need to also watch where you place the jars commonly found on the kitchen counter. If they jump up here, they shall destroy them.
Since the pet will regularly play outside, you need to have a high perimeter fence, to prevent them from jumping into the streets. Ensure there are no stepping surfaces near the fence for them to jump over.

You need to also cover your swimming pool, if you have one. You need to do so, so that the dog does not get a chance to drown.

Be careful of the pesticides you decide to use in the compound. Confirm that they are not harmful to a pet. Learn which ones are not safe, and have emergency contacts in case the dog swallows any of it.

At the same time, you need to keep all substances such as paint, antifreeze, cleaning solutions, car oil, or rat poison in a locked cabinet.